G O O D   W A V E S  ~  B E T T E R   V I B E S

There was a saying I heard often when traveling through Panama and that was “Buena Onda,” meaning “Good Vibes” and translated more literally meaning “Good Wave.”  Panama is a place centered on connection and is a prime destination for surfers catching seasonal swells, riding out coastlines for surfing meccas such as Bocas del Toro and Azuero Peninsula.  The country is 2,600 miles of biologically diverse coastline and links Central America to South America. It is a remarkable destination where you can see both oceans in the same day – watching the sun rise from the Pacific and set in the Atlantic.

 So NOW do you believe in magic?

Given the rich geographical and cultural diversity, unique gifts were easy to find. However, it was the stories behind the beautifully crafted souvenirs that is worth highlighting. Peep the special item JOHN & JACKIE scouted and is including in our gift box below!

W O O D   S U R F B O A R D S   F O R   K I D S

We met a local surfer, skateboarder and artisan who set up shop along the beach and intrigued us with his one-of-a-kind items that supported a rad cause.

The “mini” wooden surfboard is made from an old skateboard and is specifically carved out from the ‘trucks’ section. Since this is the area that receives the most impact from the rider, the mini boards are designed for kids with disabilities such as autism who are not able to get on a board but still want to shred both pavement & waves! By holding on to the boards, they are transferred good energy. Profits from the unique boards go towards helping the artisan run a local surf and skateboard camp for kids.



Thank you Jose for taking the time to chat it up with us and for sharing the story behind your craft. Panama is an underrated gem and we are excited to share a little piece of the country in our gift box, all while spreading Buena Onda.